Šī vietne izmanto sīkdatnes, lai nodrošinātu lietotājus ar kvalitatīvu, drošu un lietotāju vajadzībām un interesēm atbilstošu saturu. Nospiežot pogu Piekrītu, kā arī turpinot lietot šo pārlūka sesiju, Jūs apstiprināt, ka piekrītat izmantot sīkdatnes. Ja vietnes izmantošanas laikā Jūs pārdomājat un vēlaties atcelt savu piekrišanu, Jūs vienmēr varat veikt nepieciešamās izmaiņas pārlūka iestatījumos un dzēst saglabātās sīkdatnes. Mūsu sīkdatņu izmantošanas politika ir pieejama šeit.

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*Produkta izskats var atšķirties no attēla redzamā



PENOSIL EasySpray is a environmentally friendly insulation foam with special spray-applicator for the gun tip. Spraying gives an opportunity to insulate uneven or curved substrates and hard to reach places with smooth even layer of foam. Helps to reduce thermal bridges and prevent condensation.

  • Special formula combined with spray applicator creates a unique foam structure with highly efficient acoustic and thermal insulation and great airtightness properties.
  • Spray nozzle allows to insulate uneven or hard to reach surfaces, where it is impossible to use traditional insulation materials.
  • The thickness of insulation layer is freely selectable, and the number of layers is not limited.


  • Covering all types of surfaces to provide thermal and sound insulation.
  • All inconvenient places to insulate, where using traditional insulation materials is complicated.
  • Insulation of pipes, attics, balconies, garages, cellars, tanks and vessels.
  • Insulation of lintels, doors, ceilings and other construction parts with the risk of thermal bridges.


  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Bricks
  • Most metals
  • Gypsum boards
  • EPS
  • Roof tiles

Aerosol can 1000 ml,
content 700 ml.
12 cans in a box.



Put the application nozzle on the tip of the gun. Shake the can vigorously at least 20 times.

Hold the foam can in upright position, turn the gun to the can by holding the gun handle with one hand, and turn the can with the other hand. Make sure that the gun is not pointed at other persons when turning it. The can must not be screwed to the gun with the valve upside down or by turning the gun on the can.

Rotate the nozzle as needed (for vertical or horizontal application).

Turn the can upside down and start applying. Foam output can be adjusted by the gun trigger.

Apply the foam from distance of approx. 40 cm from the surface.

The application distance determines the width of the application area – the shorter the distance, the narrower the application area.


  • The thickness of the foam in one layer should usually not exceed 2 cm. Please consider, that foam expands twice of what is sprayed out. Next layer of foam can be applied after 60 minutes, if needed.
  • Number of layers is not limited.
  • At low temperatures the foam can must be warmed before work. The temperature of the warming room or water must not exceed +30°C.
  • Air temperature during application +10°C to +30°C, best results at +20°C.
  • Can temperature during application +18°C to +28°C, best results at +20°C.
  • The surfaces must be clean from dust, loose particles and oil.
  • Cured foam is less sensitive to UV-light and direct sunlight than other conventional one-component polyurethane foams. It is still recommended to cover the cured foam with suitable opaque sealant, filler, paint or other material to ensure lasting quality features.
  • Do not use in places with long-lasting direct contact with water as this reduces thermal insulation properties.