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Air-Box Comfort





The Comfort series ventilation valve is used to direct the airflow in compliance with the Europe guidelines LBN 231-15 “Heating and ventilation in residential and public buildings” (absolute minimum 15 m3/h per person). A special feature of the Air-Box Comfort valve is its fast installation without milling into the window profile.


Air permeability 31m3/h
Material ABS, PVC
nstallation (no milling)

 situated on the upper part of the frame (suitable for all PVC window brands)



Price/piece: 17.95 eur
Installation: 5.00 eur


Modern sealed PVC windows have a number of downfalls:

1.The airflow is disrupted when the windows are closed.

  • The apartment becomes humid and stuffy. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels increase, which leads to a lack of oxygen. In turn, this causes headaches, inflammation, heightened irritability, and severe allergic reactions.
  • Another outcome of poor air circulation is condensation. Increased humidity provokes the spread of fungi, bacteria, and mold. Fungal spores will trigger allergic coughs, bronchitis, and nausea.


2.Keeping your windows open eliminates their initial purpose and can cause a lot of inconvenience:

  • The drafts from open windows lead to colds, sore throats, various respiratory diseases, inflammation of the muscles and kidneys.
  • Any built-up heat escapes when you air your rooms out.
  • Open windows mean there is no barrier between you and the outside noise, which can become a major stress factor.

Having an Air-Box valve installed will solve all these issues

Air-Box ventilation valves are a modern method to improve air circulation that complies with the new European standards for energy performance of buildings. These valves reduce heat loss and contribute significantly to energy conservation and overall cost savings for the maintenance of your home. Air admittance valves allow for regular air flow with a closed window, while preserving all the benefits of sealed PVC windows. No more humidity or annoying drafts. Your house or office will now enjoy its own comfortable microclimate with perfect conditions for any activity. Everyone can now feel awake, energetic, healthy, and happy. Keep in mind that fresh air also reduces the risk of allergic reactions, as well as, other illnesses. From a medical perspective, the Air-Box system is perfect if you’re living with small children, elderly, or people who suffer from allergies or asthma.




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