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About us

With 27 years of proven and reliable service under our belts, we are dedicated to keeping your peace of mind!


Logi24 manufactures and installs:

  • PVC windows, doors, and other plastic structures
  • Aluminum windows and doors
  • Metal entrance doors and metal structures
  • Blinds of all kinds and mosquito screens
  • Gates

We use only eco-friendly materials, German and Polish profiles, and German fixtures and

fittings. Our company provides a complete service to help you select, order, and install windows, doors, and fittings. We also support and assist the product design process.

At Logi24, we value each and every customer. We’re always here to help you find the best accommodation solution for residential, office, or any other premises.

Why have over 50,000 customers already chosen to work with us?

  1. We stay current with the times. Our products are made using the highest quality equipment that stays in compliance with all the latest trends.
  2. Our core principle is quality in everything. In our work, we use the best equipment, the highest quality materials, and a team of top-notch professionals.
  3. We offer discounts. With us, you’re always guaranteed to find the best price on the market. The word “impossible” doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. We work to make everything possible for our customers.
  4. We have earned a name for ourselves as a reliable provider on the market. And we do everything in our power to maintain it day after day, year after year, 24 hours a day. We do it to show our appreciation for putting your trust in us.
  5. Our sights are not set on sales. Our main goal is having satisfied customers. Your request is our top concern. It’s no wonder why all of our customers recommend us to their friends.