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About price

All prices on the site are indicated in Euros with the addition of 21% VAT. Orders are accepted from both individuals and legal entities. For export to a foreign establishment with a valid European Union VAT registration number, a 0% VAT rate applies. To export an order made by a private individual, please contact us directly for details. In some cases, it is recommended to contact us
directly using the specified contact details and clarify in more detail. At the moment, payment is possible by bank transfer or cash with a cash receipt at the time of delivery (receipt) of the goods. Payment in cash with a cash receipt is possible if the customer receives the goods in the store on site. When placing an order, it is desirable to specify the desired method of payment.



Payment by cash or card


Pay directly to the delivery driver- Payment by card to the delivery driver can be made only for the items that the delivery driver delivered to you.


Payment at pick-up and customer service points- You can choose your payment method (cash or card) at the pick-up and customer service points. Attention! When paying for items ordered in the online store, the gift card issued at K SENUKAI stores cannot be used, loyalty program discounts also do not apply.


Direct Deposit- Paysera bank payments from your bank account. This is a fast and secure payment method that allows you to pay in real-time. To make a payment, select your bank, log in and confirm the payment. Paysera is a secure bank payment aggregator, providing services in compliance with the European Union Payment Services Directive (PSD 1) - Directive 2007/64/EC.


VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro cards- You can use VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro debit and credit cards when making a prepayment, provided that you have the secure online shopping feature activated. This feature can be activated with your online banking provider/in your online banking app. Once the cardholder information, card number, expiration date, and CVV code are filled in, the order amount will be reserved in your bank account until the order is completed. We now have a new payment method available: Paysera. Pay in just a few simple clicks, fast and easy. Developed in collaboration with Paysera, a company that cares about the security of your personal information.


By bank transfer- A bank transfer can be made to the bank account listed on the prepayment invoice. Please write your order number in the description/comment field so that your order can be processed as quickly as possible.