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 The compact design (only 31 mm high) makes it possible to install the air inlet on all types of windows. The humidity sensor is used to control the air flow depending on the level of relative humidity inside the room. If necessary, the ventilation damper is supplied with special spacers that increase the air flow or change its direction. The entire model range of the ventilation damper is available in three colors: white, teak, oak. Installing a special visor allows you to reduce the noise level up to 37 dB.



Humidity controll system: controls the air flow depending on the level of relative humidity inside the room.

Directed air flow (horizontal) using a special spacer.

Additional air consumption using a special spacer.

Easy maintenance: no adjustment required, sufficient dust cleaning once a year.

Compact design: only 31 mm high.

Slim casing for easy installation in the window profile.


Directional air flow

If the air damper is located in close proximity to window slopes or ceilings,, base model inclination air flow can be adjusted to horizontal with a special spacer



Additional airflow

Additional spacer available as an option, Allows you to increase the air flow of various device models to meet regulatory requirements or reduce the total number of dampers in some rooms.



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