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Important. Glazing of loggias.

Starting this year, glazing a loggia has become much easier!

The issue of glazing loggias has been relevant for many years. Previously, for glazing loggias it was necessary to submit design documentation and obtain permission from the local building department. This has significantly complicated the glazing of loggias, since such bureaucratic requirements not only delay the implementation of the plan, but also increase the cost of the process, since the costs of creating and approving the project are far from low. An equally important issue is the overall image of the urban environment, because at the moment every apartment owner can glaze the loggia at will, but now a single municipal glazing project has been developed that will create a beautiful visual overall image. and prevent cases where each loggia is glazed in its own style. The new order applies to houses of the second and third groups, and at the moment standard designs for glazing loggias have been developed for houses of series 103, 104, 119, 464, 467 and 602.


What to do with illegally glazed loggias?

It doesn’t matter how many years ago the loggia was glazed, if it is glazed without preparing construction documentation, it will be an illegal construction. In this case, the apartment owner is obliged to immediately reglaze the loggia in accordance with the requirements of the standard project. We invite you not to delay the re-glazing of illegally glazed loggias, because in cases where construction was carried out without the consent of the construction organization, an administrative offense case is initiated and the guilty person may be fined. For this reason, we advise residents to reglaze their loggias before the responsible authorities notice.


Improve your living environment with a glass-enclosed loggia!

A loggia will allow you to increase the living space of your apartment, as well as create a visually attractive overall image of the entire residential building. We invite everyone to improve their living environment and make the urban environment more beautiful by glazing their loggia!

Logi24 (https://logi24.lv/en/about-us) offers its clients glazing of loggias using high-quality environmentally friendly materials, German and Polish profiles and German fittings. Become one of more than 65,000 customers who decide to entrust the installation of windows and doors to the Logi24 team!


Windows are a long-term investment in the value of your home.

Windows are one of the most common places that can cause the most heat loss in a home, so choosing quality, energy-efficient windows will improve the energy efficiency and overall value of your home while lowering your heating costs in the long run. Quality, well-insulated windows reduce a home's energy consumption, providing better insulation in the winter and keeping it cooler in the summer. This means lower heating and cooling costs year-round. High-quality windows provide greater indoor comfort, reducing noise levels from outside and improving the overall microclimate of the home. This makes the home more attractive to live in and also increases its market value in the future. Double-glazed windows currently on the market consist of two or three glasses, hermetically connected to each other and filled with compressed gas. Windows with two glasses will be a cheaper option than windows with three glasses, so in this article we will tell you why it is still worth giving preference to two-pane windows with three glasses, despite the fact that this may initially seem like a more expensive solution.


What is the difference between single-pane and double-pane windows?

A single-chamber double-glazed window consists of 2 glasses, the thickness of each glass starts from 4 mm, if necessary, the thickness of the glass can even be 6-8 mm. Most often, single-chamber glass windows are recommended for use in rooms that do not require high heat and sound insulation, since windows alone can reduce heat loss by up to 40% and noise levels by up to 70%. The advantage of single-chamber windows is their high light transmission, which reduces the cost of lighting the room. Double-glazed windows consist of three sheets of glass, providing a higher level of heat and sound insulation. Double-glazed windows will be a suitable solution for residential premises, as they will help increase the thermal insulation of premises and improve the microclimate of the premises. For comparison, the heat loss coefficient of a single-chamber double-glazed window is 1.1, and the heat loss coefficient of a double-chamber double-glazed window is 0.5, so by replacing single-chamber windows with double-chamber ones, you can reduce heat loss by half, while the noise level in the room will even decrease by half. In single-chamber double-glazed windows, condensation forms already at -5C, and in double-chamber double-glazed windows, condensation forms only when the outside air temperature drops below -18C degrees.