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*Product can differ from image

Handles, colored, white

HOPPE Aluminum Tilt and Turn window handle with Secustik® and VarioFit® technology:

  • Fixation: 45°
  • Covering the socket: partially with a cap
  • Substructure: plastic, supporting cams
  • Pin: HOPPE one-piece pin, 10 mm length variation, stepless adjustment via spring integrated in the handle neck
  • Mounting: hidden, M5 screws
  • Feature: built-in basic security



  • Product type: window handle for tilt and turn windows
  • Version: Secustik®
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: F1 silver aluminum color
  • Square size: 7 mm
  • Protruding pin length: 32-42mm
  • Support jaws diameter: 10 mm
  • Fixation: 45°


  • Windows and Doors: Windows
  • Warehouse: J. Vācieša iela 1/1, Rīga / Ofiss